Edelrid Tracer Thread Colour Code

When Edelrid manufacture rope, during the braiding process, an identification tape and tracer thread indicating the year of manufacture are woven into rope core.

The year of manufacture tracer thread is made from polyamide, and is in a particular colour. Its colour shows the year the rope was manufactured, although the same set of colours is repeated every ten years (see colour chart below). The year of manufacture tracer thread means that this information is permanently marked for the lifespan of the rope.

Tracer thread colour chart

The identification tape is a thin strip of polypropylene. In accordance with the EN 1891 standard for static ropes, it has to display the following information: name of manufacturer, standard and rope type, year of manufacture and the type of material the static rope is made from.

For further information Edelrid’s Static Rope Handbook is an excellent resource for any rope user. Content includes fibre to rope manufacturing, testing & labeling, norms & standards, care & maintenance and PPE inspection.

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Static Rope Handbook
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