Introducing Exped’s 2022 Sleeping Mats


Exped have been well known for their quality and great features, bearing a range that has grown throughout the years. Now in 2022, Exped have updated the entire backpacking range, both bringing new technology to their sleeping mattresses and making it easier to select the right mattress for your customers.

In place of the SynMat, DownMat and AirMat, the Exped backpacking range has been updated to the three following lines:

  • Ultra - for when weight and packing size are most important
  • Dura - where durability and comfort are desired
  • Versa - entry level mattresses offering great value

Each model now features the R-Value in the name, making it easy to pick the right level of insulation for the environment, with different types of insulation (for example, SynMat Technology) depending on the R-Value.

  • AirMat Technology: 1R - Ultra, Versa
  • SynMat Technology: 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R - Ultra, Dura, Versa
  • DownMat Technology: 6R, 7R, 8R - Ultra, Dura

All new Exped mattresses are made with recycled polyester material, keeping plastic out of landfill and consuming less water and energy in production.

All mattersses are also certified climate neutral by myclimate, a first in the outdoor industry. To be deemed so, the full carbon impact of a product is calculated - from raw materials to disposal at the end of life - of which Exped offsets with projects run by myclimate.

Ultra 5R LW Mummy

Dura 5R M

Dura 8R MW

Versa 2R M