Precautionary Safety Check – Edelrid Mega Jul


15th November 2023

EDELRID is calling on owners of the MEGA JUL belay device and descender from the 04/20 batch to visually inspect the device for a possible defect.


One MEGA JUL has been found with a defect in the follower‘s loop. Currently, it cannot be ruled out that there are other defective devices in circulation from the batch in question. The defect is a change in the metal surface that can be easily detected by visual inspection. These surface changes can vary in depth and result in a reduction in strength.


Please check your EDELRID MEGA JUL as follows:
1. Checking the batch number
Check the batch number. This is located on the top right side of the device.

Devices with batch number 04/20 DO need to be checked. Devices with different batch numbers DO NOT need to be checked.

2. Visual safety check

Check the surface of the metal body, in particular the follower‘s loop, for deviations such as creases, ridges, cracks, or similar.

Examples of potential faults on the MEGA JUL:

Devices with comparable surface changes must not be used. If you discover a defect after checking your device, please contact our customer service team by e-mail: or the store that you purchased the Mega Jul from for us to inspected your device.

Devices that have a ridge or edge at this location, as shown here, can still be used.
You do not need to do anything.

Aufruf zur Überprüfung des MEGA JULs


1. Where can I find the batch number?

The batch number is located on the top right side of the unit. The batch number is engraved or lasered there in the MM/YY format.

2. The batch number on my unit is illegible.
The visual safety check requires minimal effort. If the batch number can no longer be recognized, then you are advised to conduct the visual safety check regardless of the batch number.

3. Can such a defect occur later during use?
No. The steel used is extremely tough; after the manufacturing process, the structure cannot be altered by mechanical influences.

4. Why is only one batch affected?
During the investigation of this case, it was found that a deviation from the prescribed process had occurred during the quality assurance measures for this batch.

5. Is the MICRO JUL also affected?
No. MICRO JUL, MEGA JUL SPORT, JUL2 and GIGA JUL are not affected.

6. Was there an accident?
No. The device in question was discovered during an inspection.

7. If I am unable to perform the safety check or if I am uncertain, can I send my MEGA JUL to EDELRID for inspection?
Yes, in case of uncertainty a MEGA JUL from batch 04/20 can be returned for inspection. Please contact our customer service team in such cases:

8. What do I need to do if I find a defect with my MEGA JUL?
Please contact our customer service team via email: and they will organize the return of your device. If your device is defective, we will replace it free of charge.