Edelrid Smart Belay Servicing now LIVE

Our Smart Belay Servicing service is now up and running with the first units now being processed. This means the Edelrid Adventure Park Ecosystem is complete for Australian end users.

During every service Smart Belay Units are stripped right down

Gaby is now certified by Edelrid as a Smart Belay Service Master and we have in place the Smart Belay Partners to deliver expert service to both new and existing end users along with training leading to the Smart Belay Adjustment Certificate, required for any location running the Smart belay system.

Each part is cleaned thoroughly and any worn parts replaced

Our Smart Belay Partners will deal with all aspects of delivering our Smart Belay Service, from providing sales advice to arranging servicing (including billing) along with delivering required training.

Once all parts cleaned, checked and replaced (where needed) units are reassembled

To enquire about becoming an Edelrid Smart Belay Partner here in Australia or to find a Smart Belay Partner to help you with your Adventure Park need just contact us on  +61 (2) 9417 5755 or sales@expeditionequipment.com.au

You can find a copy of our 2017 Adventure Park workbook at https://expeditionequipment.com.au/expedition-equipment-2017-adventure-park-workbook/