New Product – DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric & Linkits

At the Deutsche Baumpflegetage (German Tree Care Conference) in Augsburg DMM have been exhibiting some exciting new developments alongside their latest products. For the first time they have shown the Hitch Climber Eccentric pulley and Linkits.

The Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution for the classic Triple Attachment Pulley that became widely known as the ‘Hitch Climber’. The design improvements are the result of over a decade of Hitch Climber design and manufacturing expertise together with valued feedback from climbers.

The eccentric geometry and carefully considered design offers greater efficiency combined with a striking aesthetic. The new ‘pushing plates’ will advance your friction hitch earlier. The optimised fairlead flairs direct rope towards the sheave and improve slack handling.

Features include a large sheave with an efficient roller bearing and a stiff stainless steel axle. The hot forged and CNC machined aluminium side plates house a corrosion resistant and tamper proof assembly.

Open up a world of creative rigging options with Linkits.

They are the missing link in lightweight, discrete or height constrained rigging situations. Based around a ‘boss and yoke’ concept, this line of connecting components is compatible with a range of existing DMM components. These CE compliant elements have the added advantage of making ‘silent and invisible’ systems possible.

Availability – We do not have availability dates for either the Hitch Climber Eccentric or Linkits as yet.

In other news the Revolver Rig and PerfectO connectors are ready for release and will be finding their way into stores very shortly.

Download PDF Product Sheets via the images below