Edelrid Sustainability

FEATURE PRODUCTS on 1 Jan , 1990

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Sustainability is a cornerstone of Edelrid’s corporate philosophy. Respect and a sustainable approach to the environment, their employees and their customers are some of their guiding principles.


As a German mountain sports supplier, they make products to be used in nature. As a logical consequence, protecting the environment is a cause particularly close to their heart. The mindful treatment of people and nature is an important part of Edelrid’s corporate culture and company philosophy.

Here is an extract from the EDELRID corporate aims:

“As an environmentally-friendly company, we want to reduce resource consumption and emissions in order to ensure sustainable corporate development.”

At EDELRID, the organizational commitment to good environmental management is the responsibility of the Environmental Management Officer and by various working groups on specific environmental issues, e.g. materials, production processes, sourcing, implementation of environmental measures in administration or occupational safety. These working groups regularly report to the senior management team. In order for our environmental impact to be measurable and transparent and to give themselves the incentive to constantly improve, they have been publishing environmental statements since 2010. With the environmental statement they disclose what is important for assessing our environmental performance, but they also show what means and measures they use to reach their environmental goals and what they have achieved to date.

Edelrid are very aware that this is only the first step to a sustainable future. For this reason, they will continue to constantly examine their processes in order to use the most environmentally-friendly production processes without compromising quality or safety. For us this is not a virtue, but a natural reaction to the demands of our time.

All their environmentally-friendly products are labelled #ClimbGreen. They are manufactured using sustainable materials or are extremely durable. During the manufacturing process they pay attention to fair working conditions throughout the entire production chain.