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Here at EE we really like DMM’s rope protection products and with IRATA’s recent focus on edge protection now its a good time to have a look at them. RopePro, is designed to help safeguard elements of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as ropes, lanyards and slings from harm or contamination, as well as serving to protect property from rope damage.

The range is concise but targeted at end users for use in ‘real’ work situations. Innovative use of modern aramid fabrics (Kevlar®) and traditional coir matting, provides the versatility required in protecting ropes and edges accordingly.

Developed by experienced IRATA assessor Chris Parkin, the products were designed to assist users in fulfilling the requirements of working at height regulations and the IRATA International Code of Practice. Giving high levels of rope protection for rope access technicians, they are also ideally suited for use in rope rescue, safety rope systems, mountaineering, abseiling and adventure activities.

They are two main products within the range, both made in the UK:


The ProPad+ consists of a three layer protection pad incorporating a 15 mm thick inner pad of natural fibre laminated with a flexible, latex membrane, plus a replaceable wear sheet (available separately). This combination of proofed, natural fibre canvas sandwiching a coir/latex mat gives extremely good protection over hazardous edges.

This multi-layer pad also increases the edge radius ensuring smooth rope movement. In addition, it protects building fascia, cladding and paint coatings from damage.
K-Pro Rope Protector

K-Pro Rope Protectors can also be used with lanyards and slings, preventing damage to items of PPE and property.

Eight attachment eyelets and the choice of using it orientated horizontally or vertically gives numerous installation options. It can be used in conjunction with the K-Pro rope protectors for added security.

The ProPad+ can be used open or closed depending on the application and stability of the loaded ropes. The colour contrasts highlight any wear holes in the double-thickness wear sheet that is secured by 40 mm velcro strips.

K-Pro Rope Protector

The K-Pro Rope Protectors use two layers of heavy-duty, waterproofed, natural fibre canvas with an additional cut-resistant Aramid layer in-between. This Aramid layer provides additional security with little increase in weight or bulk.

Available in 50 and 80 cm lengths, they both feature full-length continuous Velcro closures, large connection eyes at each end to ensure effective protection and are supplied with two three mm diameter cord ties for easy fixing to a rope or structure.

Reversible coloured outer fabrics aid working and backup line identification. The colour contrast highlights wear holes since the aramid layer is yellow – as seen through the built-in peep-hole.

The K-Pro Rope Protector can also be used to protect rigging slings, where rigged ropes cross one another and to protect ropes from dirt or becoming contaminated with rust or heavy grease.

A DMM RopePro User Guide (CLICK HERE to download) with plenty of information on effective positioning, securing, and use of the new rope protection range is available as a pdf download.

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